About - Censored Planet


What is Censored Planet?

Censored Planet is an interdisciplinary lab at the University of Michigan that investigates and exposes different types of privacy and security violations in the Internet. We design and deploy scalable techniques and systems to detect and protect users’ Internet experience from censorship, geo-discrimnation, third-party tracking, and surveillance. By making our data and measurement practices easily accessible, we seek to facilitate multi-disciplinary research that promotes network accountability and transparency and leads to development of new technical approaches for safeguarding users at global scale.

Why is our work important?

The research we conduct provides unique and hereto inaccessible insights and data points on Internet disruptions on a global scale. This information is extremely valuable to researchers in diverse fields from political science to computer science as well as to activists and journalists living and operating in countries that participate in Internet disruption. By providing our data to the public, we hope to encourage future research in the field.

The Team

Censored Planet is a lab at The University of Michigan and was founded by Professor Roya Ensafi.

Contact Information

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